Friday, October 25, 2013

Read Every Day Campaign

Scholastic Books is one of my favorite companies.  Why?  Because they offer books to children at very reasonable prices and since I want my students to love reading, that's a win.  Their current literacy campaign is "Read Every Day, Lead a Better Life."  Normally I don't pay much attention to campaigns, but I noticed a link to the art of the campaign and fell in love with it.

When you click on the individual posters, you can watch interviews with the artists, hear them read short portions from books, download their poster, get a list of other works by that artist, and download discussion guides to help you generate a class discussion about the artist's work.

If you're a parent and you're not ordering from Scholastic each month through your child's teacher, shame on you!  ;)  It's so easy now - parents can order online once the teacher opens an online account.  Teachers still send home the flyers, but you don't have to mark those teeny tiny boxes, clip the order form, and write a check/come up with correct change.  Plus, Scholastic offers more specials to those who shop online.  Buying books at midnight in my jammies?  Yes, please!

Another tidbit of Scholastic awesomeness - they hold warehouse sales around the country 2-3 times a year.  Usually right before school starts, close to Christmas, and again in the spring.  Click here to find out if there will be a sale in your area soon!


  1. OK, Carrie, you're going to hate me. My kids have yet to find a book they haven't already read or are interested in. So no, I support my school's reading addiction in other ways. But since it's not your school, maybe you won't hate me too much. ;)

  2. That DOES make a difference, Jen ;) If you haven't tried the online ordering, you might consider it - you should have access to WAY more books that way.

  3. And if your teacher doesn't do the online thing, you can preview it through me :)