Saturday, December 14, 2013

Deck the Walls: A Wacky Christmas Carol

Author Erin Dealey delivers another kid-pleasing romp through familiar territory, giving it her own unique twist.

Deck the Walls is her newest picture book, following up the success she achieved with Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox and Little Bo Peep Can't Get to Sleep.

Leaving fairy tale/nursery rhyme territory, Dealey has concocted an innovation on the classic Christmas Carol, "Deck the Halls."  The story focuses on a crazy bunch of cousins at a holiday dinner.  They feed the dog their peas and carrots, play olive hockey, and go sledding while the grown-ups clean up the remnants of the feast.  Not a great lesson in good manners, but a fun read none-the-less.

Erin is also a resident of my hometown, which is why my school is lucky enough to have her do an author visit each time she publishes.  Our fabulous librarian, Mrs. Book, arranges the visits and takes orders for autographed copies of the book ahead of time so they are waiting for the children immediately after her presentation.  Dealey always has a fun, book-related activity for the kids and doesn't talk down to them.  This time, she told them about how much she disliked writing when she was their age and how she came to love it.  The kids (and teachers) thoroughly enjoyed her visit, so much so, that more folks ordered books afterward.  I bought 3 - yes, I have a problem - but my nieces and nephews NEEDED those books for Christmas ;)

I love it when local people are successful and are happy to share their success with their community.  Erin Dealey is a class act :)

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