Monday, December 16, 2013

The Mighty Santa Fe

Most children relish in the thought of their toys coming to life and taking them on an adventure and I was no exception.  Perhaps that is why so many of my favorite children's books revolve around that premise :)

The Mighty Santa Fe opens with a grumpy William heading to his great-grandmother's house to celebrate Christmas with his large extended family.  Like many children, William is uncomfortable around his great-grandma because she is so old and "shriveled-up."  Granny Blue, of course, focuses a great deal of her attention on him, which just makes him more uncomfortable.

After a fun family Christmas Eve, William lies sleepless in the room he is sharing with his parents and siblings.  Granny Blue comes in and beckons him to follow her.  He doesn't want to, but acquiesces and follows her up to the attic.  She chants a strange chant and whips an old sheet off of an old-fashioned village with a little railroad station. 

William can hardly believe his eyes - snow is falling, the train is pulling into the station and he and Granny hop on to the mighty Santa Fe and go for a ride.  The journey ends awkwardly and William goes to bed.  On Christmas morning, the mighty Santa Fe is waiting for him under the tree. 

I love the premise of the story, obviously, though it is not as well-written as it should be.  But if you have a train buff in your home or a child who loves to believe in magic, this story is worth a read.

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